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At Neo Fertility Clinic, we offer the advanced and insightful Chromopertubation procedure, a vital diagnostic test led by our esteemed fertility specialist, Dr. Payal Mahapatra. This procedure, also known as the Chromopertubation test, plays a crucial role in assessing and optimizing fertility.

What is Chromopertubation?

Chromopertubation is a diagnostic procedure used to evaluate the patency of a woman’s fallopian tubes. It involves introducing a colored dye(specifically, methylene blue) into the uterus, which flows through the fallopian tubes. This allows our fertility experts, led by Dr. Payal Mahapatra, to visualize and assess the condition of the tubes. The procedure helps identify any blockages or abnormalities that may hinder conception.


Who is a candidate for Chromopertubation?

Chromopertubation may be recommended for women with:

  • – Unexplained infertility
  • – History of pelvic inflammatory disease
  • – Previous tubal surgery
  • – Abnormal findings on HSG

Advantages of Chromopertubation?

Chromopertubation offers several advantages over other diagnostic tests like hysterosalpingography (HSG):

Increased accuracy: Chromopertubation allows direct visualization of the dye’s flow through the fallopian tubes, providing more accurate information about their patency compared to HSG, which relies on X-ray images.

Improved diagnosis: Chromopertubation can help diagnose various tubal conditions, including blockages, adhesions, and hydrosalpinx.

Therapeutic potential: In some cases, the flushing action of the dye can dislodge minor blockages within the fallopian tubes, potentially improving fertility.

Minimal invasiveness: Performed during a laparoscopy, Chromopertubation is a minimally invasive procedure with a short recovery time.

Why Choose Chromopertubation at Neo Fertility Clinic?

Expertise of Dr. Payal Mahapatra: Dr. Payal Mahapatra, our renowned fertility specialist, brings a wealth of experience to the Chromopertubation procedure. Her expertise ensures accurate diagnostics and personalized guidance based on the results.

Comprehensive Fertility Assessment: Chromopertubation is an integral part of our comprehensive fertility assessment. By understanding the condition of the fallopian tubes, we can tailor fertility treatment plans to optimize your chances of conception.

State-of-the-Art Facilities: Neo Fertility Clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring that the Chromopertubation procedure is conducted with precision and efficiency. Our commitment to excellence reflects in every aspect of your fertility journey.

The Chromopertubation Procedure: What to Expect

Preparation: Before the procedure, Dr. Payal Mahapatra will discuss the details with you, addressing any concerns and providing necessary pre-procedure instructions.

Procedure: The Chromopertubation procedure is typically performed in conjunction with a hysteroscopy or laparoscopy. A colored dye is introduced into the uterus, and its flow through the fallopian tubes is monitored.

Visualization: Using specialized instruments, our fertility experts visualize the movement of the dye through the fallopian tubes, assessing their patency and detecting any abnormalities.

Results and Guidance: Based on the results, Dr. Payal Mahapatra will provide insights into your fertility health. If any issues are identified, personalized treatment plans will be discussed to address specific concerns.

Most women experience minimal discomfort after Chromopertubation and recover quickly. You can typically go home the same day as the procedure and resume your normal activities within a few days.

Why Undergo Chromopertubation?

Fallopian Tube Assessment: Chromopertubation is a crucial tool for evaluating the condition of the fallopian tubes, identifying blockages, and understanding their role in fertility.

Tailored Treatment Plans: The results of the Chromopertubation test enable our team to create personalized fertility treatment plans that address specific challenges, maximizing the chances of successful conception.

Enhanced Fertility Journey: Whether you are planning for pregnancy or exploring fertility options, chromopertubation contributes valuable information to enhance your fertility journey.

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