Drink More Water If You are Going to Have IVF Treatment

With millions of biological babies born every year around the world the awareness of IVF and its importance is growing every day.  Along with it, the necessary precautions for successful IVF delivery are the hot topic nowadays.  Since one out of five women has less chance of normal pregnancy, it is the fertility treatments like IVF which is a

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How High Blood Glucose Affects Your Body During Pregnancy?

Even a normal woman during pregnancy can develop diabetes called gestational diabetes. For other women who are already suffering from Type 1 or 2 of diabetes have more risk of pregnancy problems. But in both cases, it is not a cause of concern, if the blood glucose level is under control during the tenure of pregnancy.

Diabetes is all about insulin and sugar levels in the body. In the case of diabetic pregnant women, t

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What Precaution You Should Have During the Fourth Month Of Pregnancy?

The fourth month of pregnancy is the time of real feeling of pregnancy.  It is because of the movements of the baby inside.  It is such a great and proud feeling for the mothers.  They share it more with their partners and others.  Also, it is time to take a breather from the tiring and anxiety of the first trimester.  But it is time for more visits to the gynecologist for knowing the proper growth of the unborn child, the priceless possession of

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Common Health Problems In Pregnancy – How To Stay Safe?

The pregnancy period of nine months for women is both memorable and cherishable time.  But it is also the time for many common health problems to occur to them.  It is due to the changes taking place because of the growing child inside them. But care and safety are necessary during this period. 

The best tips for common health problems in pregnancy is eating healthy food, exercising, being relaxed and free from dep

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