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Neo Fertility Clinic is an ideal IVF Clinic in Marathahalli, Bangalore for couples who are willing to become parents through IVF. Backed by advanced clinical setup, sophisticated facilities, and skilled IVF doctors, we are the best IVF centre Marathahalli due to more than 69% of successful pregnancy through IVF and complete satisfaction of patients who became parents with our support. 

Best IVF Centre In Bangalore

Best IVF Centre in Marathahalli, Bangalore

IVF or In Vitro Fertilisation is an assisted reproductive technology treatment process to facilitate infertile couples to become parents when other treatments have not worked for them. In the IVF treatment process, the fertilisation of an egg with sperm takes place outside of a human body. After the transfer of embryo/fertilised egg into the uterus of an intended mother, IVF pregnancy is similar to natural pregnancy.

Whom We Recommend IVF

As the best IVF clinic, we offer the best IVF treatment in Marathahalli, Bangalore. It is as we do complete fertility assessment of childless couples before advising IVF treatment to them. At Neo Fertility Clinic, we usually suggest IVF treatment to couples with:

  1. Damaged/blocked fallopian tubes 
  2. Ovulation disorders such as PCOS
  3. Endometriosis 
  4. Sperm abnormalities 
  5. Uterine fibroids 
  6. Previous tubal removal or tubal sterilisation
  7. Genetic disorder 
  8. Fertility preservation for cancer or allied health conditions 
  9. Unexplained infertility 
  10. Use of an egg donor or gestational surrogacy program 

Our Process As Best IVF Centre

As an ideal IVF clinic in Marathahalli, Bangalore, we have sound knowledge of the IVF treatment procedure. We do it well by following the set medical norms & standards to bring maximum positive outputs and help couples become parents of a cute baby. In the IVF treatment process, we take the following steps after the initial consultation and fertility assessment:

  1. Ovary stimulation with fertility drugs and injections 
  2. Egg retrieval 
  3. Sperm extraction 
  4. Fertilisation/embryo development 
  5. Embryo transfer 
  6. Pregnancy test after 15 days of embryo transfer 

Risks/Complications Associated with IVF   

Like other treatments, IVF treatment has some risks that are as follows:

  1. Multiple births if there is a transfer of more than one embryo 
  2. Premature delivery 
  3. Low birth weight
  4. OHSS (ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome) 
  5. Miscarriage 
  6. Ectopic pregnancy
  7. Stress 
  8. Birth defects 
  9. Cancer  
  10. Infection 
  11. Bleeding 
  12. Bladder damage 
  13. Bowel damage 
  14. Damage to blood vessel 

At Neo fertility Clinic, we have highly skilled embryologists and fertility experts who carry the entire process well and minimise your risk. We do our best to help you go back to your home with a baby in your lap. 

IVF Clinic in Marathahalli and Our Cost

IVF cost in Marathahalli is very different for different couples. It basically depends on the IVF clinic you have selected for your treatment, the need for IVF cycles for you, your timing of infertility, etc. At Neo Fertility Clinic, we value patient satisfaction and do our best to get what made you consult us. We take nominal charges for our IVF treatment and hospitalisation during the treatment. 


1. Which is the best IVF centre in Marathahalli?

Almost all licensed and registered IVF clinics in Marathahalli, Bangalore are the best. You can choose the best one by keeping a few points in mind. The points are treatment success rate, approach to patients, treatment fee, available facilities and allied treatments, transparency, doctors and staff behaviour, etc. 

2. Is IVF a painful treatment process?

IVF is less invasive. You may have some physical discomfort due to the administration of injections in the IVF treatment procedure. The pain or discomfort you will feel gets over soon. 

3. What is the IVF cost?

The cost of IVF treatment in Marathahalli, Bangalore varies from one clinic to another. Further, it varies from one patient to another and the need of IVF cycle. It is lower for you if you have conception in the very first cycle and everything happens in favour of you. Getting in touch with the representative of an IVF clinic in Marathahalli can help you know the estimated cost of your IVF treatment. 

4. How long will our IVF treatment last?

IVF is a complicated process. The ideal time for IVF treatment varies from one patient to another. It can last for four to six weeks if you conceive through only one cycle of IVF treatment.   

5. How should we prepare ourselves for the IVF treatment process?

Your IVF doctor will explain everything related to the IVF treatment. You should listen to him/her carefully and ask your queries if you have any doubts. With better understanding and careful support from your end, you will get ready for it and reap maximum positive benefits.

How to Contact Best IVF Centre?

If you are looking for the best IVF treatment in Marathahalli, Bangalore, contact Neo Fertility. Our team of expert doctors are dedicated to achieve your dreams of becoming a parent.