The Best Semen Analysis And Evaluation By The Expert

Many couples still are not blessed by the happiness and contentment of having a child. The situation is very heartbreaking and frustrating. It is due to the infertility issue in either one of the partners that the joy of parenthood is driven apart and preventing the couple from conceiving. Although either men or women can sustain the issue for infertility, male infertility can be responsible for half of such cases. The general underlying cause of male infertility is due to the low sperm production and that is why doctors advise the males to undergo a semen test or analysis.

What Does A Semen Test Evaluate Or Entail?

Many times couples are said to undergo a semen test in order to assess the underlying cause of infertility or failure in conceiving. It generally tests whether the failure in conceiving is a result of some causes underlying the male. After you’ve collected your semen in a vessel or a cup, the semen is sent to the lab for microscopic diagnosis. The following is entailed by the semen analysis and test results.

The sperm concentration or the sperm count is analyzed. A normal sperm count is at least 15 million sperms per millilitre of semen.

The sperm motility or movement is evaluated. Nearly 50% of your sperms in the semen sample should be active.

Sperm morphology or the size and shape of your sperm are also analyzed. Ideally, 4% of sperms should have a normal shape. In addition, the quality of sperm is assessed.

Other aspects of the test reveal the volume, chemical makeup, and liquefaction time and fructose level.

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The semen analysis and all about the test results are the most crucial diagnosis performed in order to assess the probabilities of a couple enjoying the fruits of parenthood or not. In order to indulge in semen analysis preparation, there are three days of abstinence advised in order to achieve the correct semen test results.

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