The fourth month of pregnancy is the time of real feeling of pregnancy.  It is because of the movements of the baby inside.  It is such a great and proud feeling for the mothers.  They share it more with their partners and others.  Also, it is time to take a breather from the tiring and anxiety of the first trimester.  But it is time for more visits to the gynecologist for knowing the proper growth of the unborn child, the priceless possession of every pregnant woman.

Precautions During Fourth Month Of Pregnancy:

As per an old saying, prevention is better than cure; it is essential to take some precautions during the fourth month of pregnancy.  It is the time of the vital organs of the child start growing at a fast pace.  Hence to keep the child and mother healthy for the remaining crucial journey of pregnancy following may be helpful:

  1. Watch the weight: Weight is the indicator of the health of the mother and child.  Hence to keep a check on weight continuously during this period is pertinent. 
  2. Sleep on the left side: Sound and more sleep will help the growth of the baby and the health of the mother.  Also, sleeping on the left side is the right way.  If it feels uncomfortable, then support with soft cloth or pillows between the legs will be helpful. Also, whenever possible take a small nap and no one on this earth is going to complain about a pregnant woman taking a short nap even in the office.
  3. Nasal congestions: With the start of the fourth month, there will be the issues of nasal congestions, nose bleeds, blocked ears and many more.  All are common and only due to the increase in the supply of the mucous membranes. Carrying tissues and not worrying about it is helpful.
  4. Keeping fit with exercise including breathing exercises: Be active and exercise including breathing practices with the supervision and advice of experts and doctors.  It is the only mantra for easy, normal delivery.

What You Need To Avoid The Following:

  1. Drinking much caffeine
  2. Eating outside food and mainly meat and fish because of its doubt of being clean and adequately cooked
  3. Alcohol and smoking
  4. Never be in stress
  5. Lifting heavy objects
  6. Engaging in strenuous activities
  7. Sleeping on the tummy

Conclusion –

The fourth month is the start of the second trimester and one of the resting and peaceful times of the pregnancy journey.  Hence enjoy it with care and concern taking all the precautions seriously with the help of Neo Fertility Center.