Even a normal woman during pregnancy can develop diabetes called gestational diabetes. For other women who are already suffering from Type 1 or 2 of diabetes have more risk of pregnancy problems. But in both cases, it is not a cause of concern, if the blood glucose level is under control during the tenure of pregnancy.

Diabetes is all about insulin and sugar levels in the body. In the case of diabetic pregnant women, the sugar intake is not converted into energy due to lack of insulin. Hence the sugar levels or also known as the glucose levels increase abnormally than the normally prescribed levels.  It affects not only the mother but also the unborn child in many ways.

Symptoms Of High Blood Glucose Levels:

Symptoms of high blood glucose-affected when you getting pregnant is excessive thirst, tiredness, an increase in urination.  High blood glucose levels during the initial stages of pregnancy may cause birth defects to even a miscarriage of the baby. 

The following are the ways the baby is affected by the high blood glucose levels of the mother:

  1. Babies born to diabetic women are often bigger due to the condition called fetal macrosomia.  It is because of the excess sugar is converted by the baby into fat which causes them to be large.
  2. Even after delivery, the baby of a diabetic mother is monitored for blood sugar levels.  It is because they may have their blood sugar level drop quickly and need glucose to balance it.
  3. The baby may be affected by jaundice, and it could be dangerous if not treated immediately
  4. There is more risk of infant mortality or birth defects in babies born from diabetic mothers without control of glucose levels.

The Following are the Ways the Mother is Affected By Not Controlling the Sugar Levels During Pregnancy:

In the case of gestational diabetes, the pregnant women during the routine checkups have to start checking their sugar levels after the 20th week. Since gestational diabetes increases the sugar levels from the 23td week to 30th week. It is time the pregnant women have to be careful about their glucose levels in the blood. If it nor normal and increases above it may cause affect the mother in the following ways:

  1. The blood pressure level may increase and cause several problems to the mother
  2. The mother can become overweight and lead to many issues.

Conclusion –

Hence with proper consultation and a regular checkup with experienced and best doctors with Neo Fertility Center will help pregnant women to control their blood sugar levels for delivering a healthy and beautiful baby.