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Get Gynaecological Treatment, Surgery, and Care

Whether you want to conceive or are carrying a pregnancy, Neo Fertility Clinic is an ideal maternity centre for you. At the clinic, we have the best gynaecologist in Marathahalli, Bangalore (India). With sound knowledge and expertise, our doctors/gynaecologists help you conceive a child or carry your pregnancy successfully. And for this, we offer premarital screening, preconception checkup, ultrasound scanning, dietary guidance, and instructions on what to do and what not to do during pregnancy. 

At Neo Fertility Clinic, we work under the guidance of Dr. Payal Malhotra, who is a renowned gynaecologist in Bangalore. After completing her MBBS study, she has done a fellowship program in reproductive medicine, DGO, and DNB from reputed medical colleges in India and abroad. Further, she is a member of the FOGSI, ISAR (Indian Society for Assisted Reproduction), and National Medical Commission (previously known as Medical Council of India). 

Why do you need to Consult a Gynaecologist?

As a female, you come across several changes inside your body. A gynaecologist/obstetrician is the right medical professional to comprehend and treat your issues? Usually, you should see a gynaecologist in Bangalore when you have or want to have:

  1. Abnormal bleeding 
  2. First sexual relationship 
  3. Constant menstrual pains 
  4. Irregular or abnormal menstruation periods
  5. Pain while having sex
  6. Smell in the genital area 
  7. Lumps in your breasts 
  8. Pregnancy care 
  9. Preconception checkup 
  10. Menopausal issues
  11. Fertility problems 
  12. Family planning 
  13. Reproductive health issues like PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis, vaginal ulcers, 
  14. Vaginal tightening 
  15. STIs 
  16. PIDs 
  17. Sexual dysfunction 

Why us for Gynaecological Care and Treatment? 

  1. A team of highly educated and experienced team of gynaecologists and allied healthcare professionals 
  2. All types of gynaecological care and treatment services under one roof 
  3. Friendly behaviour 
  4. Proper care 
  5. Fast response 
  6. Medical ethics
  7. Availability of allied treatments and services such as IVF, IUI, and ICSI