Today’s youngsters are very much into smoking thinking it a cool thing to do. However, have you ever considered how harmful it could be for your fertility? Today, we are going to emphasize this in a detailed manner -  

  • Multiple Adverse Effects -

Cigarette smoking is considered the main reason for male infertility. The toxins in cigarettes have multiple adverse effects on lugs and reproductive system. According to many studies and fertility experts, smoking has shown a decrease in semen quality. Men who’re addicted to smoke have decreased sperm concentration and reduced motility. Smoking is not a kind of cool habit to have. One should go-ahead to get rid of it taking doctor’s prescription.

  • Affect The Normal Shape Of The Sperm - 

Apart from this, smoking also affects the normal shape of the sperm that ultimately causes sperm DNA damage. Some researchers have found that the sperm of smoking addicted persons have increased DNA fragmentation. This may lead to multiple issues with embryo implantation, fertilization, and embryo development.

  • Abnormal Hormone Level-

If the male is a smoker then he will have abnormal hormone levels. This mainly affects fertility in men. When a male smokes, he gets exposed to high levels of cadmium and lead. Studies have shown that these metals are completely linked with decreased fertility in males.

  • Lower Sperm Count- 

If any assisted reproductive techniques have been recommended to you for infertility treatment, you must quit smoking in order to increase the chances of treatment. Smoking is related to a lower sperm count and it also impacts the morphological defects of spermatozoa in the males.

Do Have Treatment from NEO Fertility –

If you are one of them who does smoking a lot then you need to quit it. You may also discuss with your doctor to get to have the best treatment. They can make you have the best guidance that how you can get rid of it. Smoking does not count under a healthy lifestyle at all. 

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In The Last – 

Smoking is not considered an ideal habit. Make sure that you are not going to very much into it. Go with a healthy lifestyle. If you smoke a lot, you need to see the doctor as soon as possible.