From the past few years, vapes came into a trend much. The micro e-cigarette companies have introduced vaping behemoth. The growth of vaping trends affected women and families a lot. It has affected the overall health of people. In youths, the vaping trend is taking place at a very high speed. It causes severe lung diseases, and sometimes it leads to death also. In youths, vaping is affected by their health, which leads to cause issues infertility also. Vaping effects on the woman fertility a lot, such as:

  • Nicotine is not good for children's health. It is an addictive drug, which can cause a problem in the development of the baby.
  • Vaping liquids have different toxic compounds, which can cause severe lung issues. The toxic compounds are other than nicotine.
  • There are many youths, who feel like flavored vapes do not contain nicotine. But, no, it has nicotine as well with the flavor.
  • The THC is in vapes, which is in the form of oil-based. It can cause severe issues to the health of an individual.

Health effects of vaping:

For the chain smokers, vaping is found to be a healthier alternative. In comparison to burn Tobacco, vaping is a far better option to avail. But, that does not mean that vaping is the right option to intake for people. Vaping also has nicotine, toxic compounds, and highly addictive substance. Perhaps, vaping is as addictive as heroin and cocaine. The consumption of nicotine from vaping is much faster due to its liquid form. It leads to an increase of nicotine in the blood rapidly. Even, there are many chemicals in vaping, which leads to cause an issue in developing fetus also in the body. Those women who are pregnant, they get affected much by vaping.