IVF stands for In Vitro Fertilization, which is now common for everyone to solve the infertility issues. Have you heard about the test tube babies? In Vitro Fertilization is the test tube baby process. Earlier, the IVF procedure was not so open in society. But now, the issues of infertility are rising so much that everyone knows bout it today. Many couples have undergone from the IVF procedure. Still, countless couples in the world are looking for the process. But the thing is, those affected couples are confused about whether the IVF procedure is safe to take or not. So if we talk about the success and risks of IVF treatment, read on the details below.

Risks related to the IVF procedure:

By the way, IVF is the most trusted reproductive technology. The process is completed with your eggs and sperms. In a few cases, IVF involves any known or unknown person for the eggs or sperm donor. Many couples take the IVF procedure, but still, there are many risk factors associated with the process, which is a must for the pair to be aware of those. The risks are:

Miscarriage changes: The risk of miscarriage in a woman with IVF procedure is as same as like who conceive naturally. The rate of risks depends upon the maternal age of the patient.

Complication during egg retrieval – When the doctors retrieve the eggs from a woman's body, at this time, there is a significant risk of causing infections, and damage to the bowel. The injection given to the lady can infect her bladder, bowel, and blood vessel.

What about the success rate of IVF procedure?

When it comes to talking about the success rate of the IVF procedure, it all depends upon the condition of the woman. The causes of infertility need to be considered for estimating the success rate, and other health issues also. It is estimated that that rate of getting pregnant is 27.3% average of all the cycles. For live births, the estimation was only 22.2 % entirely. Still, al depends upon the condition of women, plus their health record also.