Male infertility is common. According to a recent World Health Organization study on the state of infidelity in India, approximately 50% of all male factor infertility is due to reproductive anomalies in the male. The sperm count of a typical Indian adult male was 60 million/ml three decades ago, but it is presently around 20 million/ml.

Low sperm production is one of the most common causes of male infertility, and a semen analysis test in Bangalore can verify this condition. Fertility doctors may recommend this test to assess why a couple is failing to conceive, even after trying for quite some time.

What to expect in a semen test

The procedure involves collecting semen in a cup or vessel and sending it to a lab for microscopic diagnosis. Here’s what happens in the lab during semen analysis:

  • The sperm count is analysed to determine if it’s at a standard level, which is at least 15 million per millilitre of semen.
  • The sperm movement or motility is also evaluated. Almost 50 percent of sperm in the semen sample needs to be active for the sample to be considered normal.
  • Lastly, the sperm morphology (size and shape) and quality are analysed. Ideally, 4 percent of sperm must have a standard shape.

semen analysis test in Bangalore can also evaluate sperm volume, liquefaction time, fructose levels, and chemical composition.

Where to get a semen analysis test

Many fertility clinics and IVF centres can perform a semen analysis in Bangalore. But it’s best to have it done at the clinic where you plan to seek fertility treatment so that your doctors can have immediate access to the results. Reputable fertility treatment centres will ensure confidentiality and proper guidance, with affordable services to make it easier for you and your partner to become parents.

semen analysis test in Bangalore is an essential step in diagnosing possible male infertility. When you’re ready for the test, the doctor will advise you to abstain from having intercourse for three days. This way, the results are more accurate.