Infertility has become a common issue. Every year, the infertility issues are rising in number. There is an age to conceive a baby. If any woman is not conceiving before 35 age, then it is time for them to consult the doctor. Yes, below 35 age is enough to get pregnant. But after 35, there can be some issues. Infertility in women means a woman's body is not able to get pregnant. If we talk about infertility, that doesn't mean that only the woman is not capable of conceiving.

Male are equally responsible like women for infertility. If you are also one of them who is not conceiving, then don't worry. There are many practices made for women to deal with their infertility issues. Just consult the doctor; he will examine the body and guide you on the right path to deal with the situation. If in case there are any treatments needed to be given, the doctor will suggest to you for that also. So, you can conceive and complete your family with a happy life.

Effect of Infertility on Mental Health

Infertility can cause significant mental health issues for women. The mental health can be of physical, spiritual, emotional, sexual, and of any kind. The most common problem, which the couple face is anxiety and depression. Having a baby in life is not a small thing. The baby, can you complete your entire family. If in case women gain infertility, then it automatically affects the mental health of the family. Every month is passing like a roller coaster of emotions for the women. The tension of infertility leads to overwhelming women.

If anyone faces the issue of infertility, then they should always consult with the doctors. Do not take stress; there are many solutions in the medical world to let you conceive again.