Mini IVF is also known as micro or minimal stimulation IVF. The treatment given to the patients in mini IVF is similar to the conventional IVF procedure. Like IVF, you. We need to focus on the process of mini IVF also, such as retrieval of eggs, collection in the lab, combining with sperms, and other activities to be done in the procedure of mini IVF.

How Much Medication to Take For the Stimulation of Eggs?

When we talk about the stimulation of eggs, here, the difference arises between the main IVF procedure and mini IVF procedure. In the case of the main IVF procedure, the women how to take drugs for the stimulation of eggs. But on the other hand, when it comes to the Mini IVF procedure, then there is no need for higher doses to stimulate the eggs. Doctors used to provide low prescriptions and lower power medications to the women for the stimulation. In the case of mini IVF procedure, the weaker eggs can also work for the fertilization. The process can be done without any ovarian stimulating drugs. Plus, the lower amount of pills will reduce the per-cycle cost and the ovarian infections also.

Who Should Undergo The Mini Ivf Procedure?

  • If you are the one who has a fear of needles, they can go for the procedure.
  • Is anyone suffering from PCOS, and it is going to be more OHSS.
  •  If you do not have enough cash to go for the conventional IVF process, then they can undergo the Mini IVF procedure.

So, this is it about the Mini IVF procedure. I hope you will make the right decision now about the process.