Are you planning for a baby? Do you smoke regularly? If you are the one who smokes and you are planning to have a baby, then you must stop smoking at all. Smoking leads to cause severe issues during your pregnancy time. Even not only to the mother, but it can also affect the baby. The best thing you can do if you are going to have a baby is, you need to stop smoking right away. Otherwise, it can affect your health, even leads to a miscarriage also.

Know About Smoking and Infertility

The primary issue caused due to smoking is, one cannot get pregnant quickly. For smokers, it causes a delay in getting pregnant. Non-smoker can promptly get pregnant. When the non-smoker couple has unprotected sex, then it leads to produce the chances of pregnancy within a year. But on the other side, when non-smokers go for it, then it leads to a decrease in the chances of getting pregnant around half of each month.

If you quit smoking, then it will help to make the lining around the warm. This can help in increasing the chances of getting pregnant. After trying from the last 12 months, still, you are not conceiving, then it is a severe problem to concern. Not formulating leads to infertility in women. It is the time when a woman needs to consult the doctor and quit smoking.

Many women think that they will go for in the Vitro fertilization process, which can help them to conceive a baby. But this will also not work if you will smoke continuously. Smoking leads to a decrease in the chances of success in the IVF process also.

Final words

So from now leave smoking and leader happy, healthy life with your partner and complete your family.