For many, entering parenthood can be a turmoil. Infertility can cause much turbulence in planning a family. Underlying causes such as faulty diets, damaging lifestyle habits, or genetic inheritances may be too late to correct or may take its own course of time to fall in place. But restoring health conditions often fail to cope with the rapidly advancing biological clocks. After all, the age of new parents is a strong determinant of the developmental stages of the child, and the support parents will be able to extend from a future perspective. Don't lose hope yet! Medical advances have introduced several scientifically sound fertility treatment options. There is plenty of information available, loads of fertility clinics in Bangalore to approach, and some brilliant medical experts to provide you with the apt guidance. Here are some advanced fertility treatment options, if conceiving seems like an unfulfilled dream for you; 

  • IVF (in-vitro fertilization) is a popular choice, given its success rate and ease of access. The female ovaries are stimulated by hormones to produce an egg, which is then retrieved, fertilized in a laboratory and finally inserted back into the uterus in the form of an embryo. The process needs regular monitoring through scans, adherence to time-frames and the readiness to go through a series of steps. Contact the Neofertility clinic, a trusted and experienced fertility clinic in Bangalorethat will help you have a smooth IVF journey.
  • ICSI (Intracytoplasmic sperm injection) involves injecting a sperm into an egg to induce fusion of the genetic material of both gametes to form a zygote (progressively an embryo). This method is opted in situations where an aspiring father may have insufficient sperm counts or other fertility issues, and chances of a healthy sperm surviving until it reaches the egg in the female reproductive tract are low.
  • Genetic testing by an embryologist can enable studying embryo biopsies to determine which embryos are healthy in case of parents where inheritance of genetic disorders is a possibility. This can follow procedures where fertilization occurs outside the female body (in lab conditions) so that multiple embryos are available as testing options.
  • Faulty genetic inheritances, low sperm counts, damaged fallopian tubes or irregular menstrual cycles caused by health conditions like PCOS are a few common reasons why conceiving can be a challenge. Approaching expert fertility clinics in Bangalore, like the Neofertility clinic can help turning the dream of a pregnancy into reality.